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    1. With population of over 260 million and within in strategic location, Indonesia is in an urgent need of transport services to support both inter-islands and inter-regions connectivity.
    2. In 2016, it was predicted the Indonesia global air cargo volume was grow 4.5% to 53.5 million tons, up slightly from 4.3% of growth in 2015.
    3. In 2015, there were 237 airports in Indonesia and the new airports in 15 cities as well as extend runways in 30 locations in 2016
    4. Between 2009 and 2014, the number of Indonesian air passengers increased from 27,421,235 to 94,504,086.
    5. The Indonesia Air Force has 34,930 personnel equipped with 224 Aircraft.
    6. The Aviation Working Group (AWG) activities focus on policy and technical issues facing the Indonesian aviation sector, including:
    7. Air Traffic Management Modernization
    • Airport Infrastructure
    • Aviation Safety and Security
    • Development and Growth of Aviation Support Services
    • Airspace and Airport Capacity Analysis, Development and Planning
    • General Aviation Access and Integration
    • Cargo Security
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